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Lisbon Coworking Guide: 3 best neighbourhoods to work from in 2024

An inspiring place to live and work, Lisbon beckons individuals from around the globe with approximately 300 sunny days a year and this Lisbon Coworking Guide reveals how flexible workspaces are expanding its boundaries beyond the city center.

lisbon coworking guide

As the city adapts to the new residents and these shifting dynamics the work scene is evolving rapidly. The rise of freelancers and remote workers has led to a growing demand for flexible workspaces. While the city center initially dominated as the prime location for work, peripheral neighborhoods are now reaping the benefits of this newfound popularity, offering a fresh perspective on the Lisbon lifestyle.

When it comes to choosing the ideal workspace, factors such as location, comfort, sustainability, privacy, price, and community are paramount. Navigating these elements can be a challenge for many companies operating in Lisbon’s competitive market.

Heden – a leading player in the Portuguese market, offers three strategically located coworking spaces with the option of an All Access Pass. This unique pass grants members the freedom to work from their preferred location each day, catering to the diverse needs and preferences of modern professionals.

Looking for a bustling coworking hub in the heart of the city? Heden Rossio is the perfect choice.

How would you picture the scene if someone told you they were working from a train station? Probably a busy environment, super confusing and chaotic. Well, that’s not the case if you choose this coworking space in central Lisbon.

heden ros concept auditorium

Back in 2021, Heden made a bold move, transforming the second floor of one of the most iconic and impressive buildings in Lisbon, into a 2000 square meters workspace with approximately 300 desks divided between open space and private offices.

The historic architecture of the Rossio Train Station is still there, represented in the facade and in the beautiful arches that frame its auditorium. Look out over the hustle and bustle of central Lisbon and feel inspired as you stroll up the stairs to grab lunch in Chiado.

Prefer a waterfront setting? Consider Heden Santa Apolónia as a top tip in our Lisbon Coworking Guide

If you want a ridiculous amount of natural light throughout the whole day at work, this is the perfect choice for you. Right next to the famous Alfama neighborhood and the Lisbon Cruise Terminal, this is a much more chilled option but still super central and, undoubtedly among the most pleasant desks you will be able to find in town.

heden sta apolonia coworking flex 1 1

Heden Santa Apolónia is the greener of all locations. Not only because of its position, in the riverfront with a big garden right next to it, but also because most of the energy consumed in this workspace is actually produced right there at its rooftop.

For those seeking a local neighborhood vibe without sacrificing convenience, Heden Alvalade offers the best of both worlds.

Alvalade was once chosen by Time Out as one of the world’s coolest neighborhoods. And you know what? They were right. It’s impressive what you can experience wandering around. From spacious green areas and tree-lined avenues to a wide variety of restaurants and general services. Some of the most amazing “tascas” in Lisbon are walking distance from the brand-new coworking space, just opened in April 2024.

heden coworking alvalade 7

Alvalade has been attracting tech companies in the last couple of years and is rapidly growing as an important tech hub in Lisbon. Most of these companies are attracted by the fact that this neighbourhood has excellent public transport options, no heavy traffic jams and it’s super chilled and vibrant at the same time.

All of these are excellent places to work from and you will have a wonderful time doing so. As more locations are being incorporated in Heden’s portfolio we believe it makes total sense for our members to truly benefit from our broad presence in Lisbon and be able to experience working from different neighborhoods. We want to help improve their work-life balance and an All Access Pass in Lisbon is just a no-brainer for that.

Believe us, there’s nothing quite like living the Portuguese lifestyle, being able to move around town with ease, especially between the months of April and October.

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