Summary / Common Sense Basics

The two rules are really as simple as this:

A. Treat other people the same way that you would like other people to treat you as a nice human being

B. Treat the space, the furnishings and all equipment the way you would treat it as if it belonged to you.

To tick all the legal small print boxes and avoid any misunderstandings or confusions, we have nevertheless compiled a more comprehensive list of Terms & Conditions to cover all angles.

We are excited that you are joining our spaces and our community and look forward to your stay as an enriching and productive time for you and for us.

The Heden Team


Heden provides flexible workspaces – desks, studios, offices – according to your chosen Membership Plan.

Members’ Guests – for example for attending meetings – are allowed and encouraged. Please inform the community manager prior to their arrival.

We also organise events and activities which we believe are valuable opportunities to personal growth and socialising in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Members’ Guests are invited to these, unless it is a specially designated ticketed event.

Membership is not transferable – including any form of sublease or space share – unless authorised in writing by Heden.


We pride ourselves on providing some of the highest quality coworking spaces which provide a healthy and inspiring environment to work in.

We rely on and trust Members to respect the space and keep it as clean, tidy and wholesome as they have found it.

Members are free to install the tools and equipment they require for their work as long as they comply with the electrical system in place, are confined to the assigned workstation and don’t interfere with other members’ right to a calm and productive workspace.

For special customised workspace requirements, please consult with the Heden Community Manager.

Common Services

We provide the following base services:

Wireless Internet – 200Mbps of symmetrical dedicated fiber line with respective non dedicated backup line (in the applicable locations) or 200Mbps of non dedicated fiber with respective 4G/5G wifi backup

Subject to specific agreements LAN connectivity may be provided

Printing, Scanning, Copying (fair use policy / print quotas apply)

Use of Common Areas

Micro Kitchen – Coffee, Tea, Fridge, Microwave

Daily Cleaning

Opening Hours

09:00 – 19:00 Weekdays Opening Hours Out of hours and weekend access privileges for long term members

Members acknowledge and agree that out of the Opening Hours Heden will not have anyone from its team available, therefore, all issues such as those related to commons services, security or digital access system can only be handled by Heden from 09:00 onwards. Heden is fully exempt from any responsibilities relating to services’s malfunctioning during the period out of the Opening Hours.