Are you a remote worker lucky enough to find yourself in Lisbon for a day, week, month, or year?

There are a couple of things that will need to be taken care of – a place to sleep and a place to work, in between your Lisbon exploring of course.
Let’s assume you’ve arrived in the city, wide eyed and bushy-tailed, with a place to call home already organized. The next, more exciting step, is to figure out which beautiful space you can work from as a freedom-seeking digital nomad. You’ll be looking for coworking spaces in Lisbon that can offer you all that you need for your work day, whether that be private or open spaces.

For us, the things we need for our work day are: Free coffee and tea, windows or outdoor spaces to provide periodic oxygen and sunshine supplementation, and perhaps a dog or a view to stare blankly at during the day for inspiration/hope.

With these requirements in mind we’ve compiled a list of what we believe to be the best coworking spaces in Lisbon.

1. Heden

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Of course, we couldn’t quite look past our own backyard, we are biased, yes, but come on, we have it all.

Heden has five Lisbon locations. Santa Apolonia, Chiado, Graca, Intendente and opening soon, Rossio, which offer you all you could need with coffee, river views and dogs. We also have a community of friendly Hedenists, looking to soak up the Lisbon sun as much as you are.

Oh, there’s also board rooms, flex desks, phone booths, a pingpong table, and an events agenda hosting cinema nights, happy hours and live music. Not to mention, Banff Mountain Film Festival Portugal also calls Heden their home – not to be missed!

Here at Heden we also take sustainability seriously. Our locations are consciously chosen to try to reduce the footprint of our members. Our spaces are easily accessible by train, bike and foot. Heden Santa Apolonia also encourages its members to use less heating and air conditioning within the building, and has a green facade of growing plants which helps to cool the building in the summer and keep it insulated in the winter.

2. Second Home

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Located above the Time Out Market, Second Home has its first home in a 19th Century building full of character. Indoors you will find a large array of plants in an office type jungle. Their biophilic design is said to enhance calm, creativity and focus. 

Second Home also offers a cultural program that includes yoga and surf trips, and offices in London and LA, if you’re doing some city hopping. Members of SecondHome seem to come from every industry, so the community you will be interacting with will be diverse indeed! Perhaps some interesting projects could come from your networking, with this coworking space also including ‘targeted introductions’ as a part of their services.

3. Outsite

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Outsite is a beautiful primarily coliving company that offers coworking, also located in Cais Do Sodre, about a one minute walk from the TimeOut Market. This charming startup has elegant style and beautiful views of the city and water. 

There is also the Outsite Cafe with delicious coffee and food options. Outsite keeps it simple with a pure mission of wanting to live and work in beautiful locations surrounded by interesting people. This community is aiming to give everyone the chance to live and work from where they want, to experience freedom, beauty and connection. Outsite has 26 locations around the world, including Barbados, Bali and Mexico City. They also uphold values such as sustainability, trust and slow living. We are big fans Outsite, keep up the nice work.

4. Impact Hub

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Impact Hub has over 110 locations all over the world and around 16K of members, which makes for a brand that is becoming increasingly recognisable. Their Lisbon location is located inside the Carris Museum complex and features a large open-plan workspace with natural light and private booths.

Impact Hub also offers an events agenda with movie screenings, wellness classes and social events. Not to mention their large kitchen stocked with drinks and snacks for its members. It’s easy to see how Impact Hub’s brand has spread across the world.

Impact Hub is a company with a conscience, with its eye on creating a business that is sustainable while also working towards making the world a better place. They use the global Sustainable Development goals as their northern star, with the United Nations in Geneva acknowledging the work that Impact Hub does as a driver for community engagement and innovative solutions. Now that’s impressive.

Impact Hub’s business model is also a successful example of an inverted franchise with a bottom-up economy, where each local site owns itself as well as an equal part of the core organization, the brand name, the IT infrastructure and makes strategic decisions on behalf of the whole network.

5. ResVes

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RESVÉS is a workspace for both companies and individuals that are interested in building a community based on innovation and sharing. Their name is tied to the history of Campo de Ourique and the earthquake that hit Lisbon in 1755. Due to Campo de Ouriques hilly location, the earthquake and tsunami wave that hit Lisbon was unable to reach the area, instead coming ‘very close’ or ‘just about’ (in Portuguese meaning Resves) reaching the limits of the neighbourhood of Campo de Ourique. 

Resves offers 24hour access, two bicycles for sharing, a catamaran net to relax in and a wonderful lounge, kitchen area to drink your coffee. It’s also only 5 minutes from Rato metro (the yellow line).

They also offer flexible options for freelancers and affordable prices. A really great inner city space!

6. Todos

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Todos may be considered the cool kids on the block. This creative hub is home to an impressive amount of freelancers and companies doing very cool things. The have their own gallery space with regular exhibitions,projects, skateboarding and more.

The 1600m2 space is a converted warehouse in the eastern part of Lisbon, it has a more raw, industrial feel which can help with feeling more creative and inspired.

They host a wide range of professionals within the creative industries from architects, to those in the music industry, film, fashion, startups and design.

There is also a basement you can rent for events, film production and photoshoots.

7. Work Avenida

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Work Avenida offers meeting rooms, a business lounge, a pantry filled with snacks for guests to enjoy and an outdoor terrace. Its central city location also makes it great for business meetings and liaising with clients.

Work Avenida is a quiet, professional space that definitely allows for some serious focus. It’s a clean, well-thought out space which provides inspiration and peaceful vibes. 

There is also an event space available. Any client you meet here will surely be impressed. 

This brand also has a whisper of exclusivity to it, as the website mentions that members are ‘selected’. They have a reputation for developing positive work culture and creative environments.